Current Art Exhibition

This exhibition is a stop on our way
Trajectory (noun) = trans (L) (across) plus jacere (L) (to throw)
Path, Course, Route, Track, Line, Orbit, Direction, Way, Bearing, Pathway
A path, progression, or line of development resembling a physical progression
A path in life of one’s choosing to some end goal
A path of a body as it travels through space: Time in Space
Same starting point, different life trajectories
Artistically: the abstract landscape vs the figure
Both the deconstruction of subject matter and similar palette
Twin sisters coming together 50 plus years later in this exhibition

Catherine Carr, married, mother of 4 and long term resident of Kiama. Twin sister (younger) of Helen Mackie. Worked in many fields: secretarial, nursing (Psychiatric), owned a plant nursery, antiques store and raised children. Attained her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Hons I) with University Medal in 2005 and awarded a PhD (Creative Arts) in 2010, both from the University of Wollongong. Catherine has participated in many group and solo exhibitions locally and in Sydney. Her art practise encompasses painting in acrylics, works on paper, wood assemblage and printmaking.
Catherine’s interest lies in exploring spaces – more specifically spaces between. Spaces between the outside and the inside, obvious or submerged, known yet unknown. The in-between places and spaces. The exploration in this body of work is involved in the built up spaces… houses, roads, parks in the urban environment… cityscapes.

Helen Mackie, married, mother of 2, Rehabilitation Specialist (MBBS Syd Uni). Twin sister of Catherine Carr. Worked in Samoa, New Guinea, South Africa, United Kingdom and Australia. Helen’s art practice commenced with 1st Level Art in High School and has continued to be an integral part of her life, neither, acting as a distraction, or an obsession. She has attended theoretical and practical art classes intermittently and describes her artistic activity as “variable, intermittently intense, sometimes lost only to be rediscovered again when an idea of an image emerges, to be caught and put down on canvas.”
Helen’s work is usually figurative; in this exhibition she has concentrated on the female form. The curves of the female body in a relaxed or sleeping pose melded into a composition incorporating a domestic or ambiguous setting.


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