On Exhibition Now: Мелодия (Melody)

Мелодия (Melody) an exhibition by Hela Donela and Chris Jansch
5 December 2020 to 31 January 2021

Opening on Saturday 5 December at midday to a backdrop of jazz, the Art Bar is delighted to present the work of two contemporary artists and friends Hela Donela and Chris Jansch.

Entitled Мелодия the exhibition takes its name from the Soviet record label мелодия (Melody) pronounced Melodiya, that in its time released “approved” music for the people of the Soviet Union.

The exhibition includes work by Hela on vintage vinyl LPs released by мелодия, and larger works on canvas painted through a meditational process to jazz music. Collectors familiar with Hela’s work will know that it is often highly emotionally charged, stream of consciousness work, that has an underlying story to tell.

Similarly Chris’ work though logical and planned in construction, are radical and spontaneous energetic pieces that spark ideas and create nostalgia. For this series Chris examines audio cassette culture to complement Hela’s vinyl LP artworks. The titles of his pieces relate to the functions of cassette players & reel to reel tape machines, but also the actions of the viewer “Pause/stillness”. Chris is inspired by contemporary abstraction, pop art & graphic design, and urban street art, outsider art, bad painting/poor drawing, home-made protest signs, tribal art & the punk rock culture.

This exhibition will take you on a ride!

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