Art Now: ‘LAYERS’ Wendy Dobson & Wendi Leigh

3 June to 1 August 2021

Wendy Dobson has been a practicing artist all her life. Born and raised in Kiama, she spent hours from an early age making pictures, learning through practice how to represent the world around her in images and feelings.

Well-known in Kiama for producing and teaching ceramics, she has returned in recent years to her first love, painting. And it is here that we start to get an insight into her imagination and creative spirit.

Wendy’s connection to the Kiama area goes back generations, born a Hindmarsh, one of the founding families of Kiama, she has been a celebrated and active member of the Kiama Art Society and Kiama art scene all her life.

Wollongong artist Wendi Leigh’s art diversifies as it grows organically, crossing between reality and abstraction and finding paths that have led to exhibitions and teaching.

Coming from a fashion and art background, Wendi was a designer and pattern maker for many years in Sydney and Berlin, and is well known in the Illawarra for her beautiful clothes and designs.

Wendi has exhibited extensively since the mid-1990s (more than 27 shows) experimenting with watercolour, gouache, acrylic, oils, charcoal and crayon.

Her current work explores the ODORI style, Overt Distortion of Real Imagery, a practice that treats each shape and space individually to enhance its own merits.

Together, this exhibition LAYERS is a synthesis of observances by two remarkable artists. Wendy Dobson’s dynamic natural world and Wendi Leigh’s sprawling coastal suburbs while contrary, they employ similar techniques to tell their story. A mixture of realism, layered with abstract shapes and colours that imbue a sense of harmony and acceptance.

“When I look at a subject, it’s impact either draws me to it or not. Then once I begin to work with that subject the simplicity of it gives way to many more complexities… I try to find the simple dynamic and also the intricacies, which creates layers within the subject. Some are realistic, some barely visible and others imagined” Wendy Dobson.

Wendi Leigh also weaves into her work illustrative pets and life forms that are “simple reminders to pause, smell the roses, pat the dog, and whistle with the birds while breathing in the beautiful coastal air of Kiama” Wendi Leigh.

We hope you enjoy their world as much as we do. Art Bar Kiama

OPENING NIGHT: Thursday 3 June 5.30 – 7pm

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